Superchlorination for Ships

The new method of Super-chlorination on a ship for drinking water systems and tank is to use use a spray method with Shipsan 4000 Drinking Water Treatment. It can save days of work and eliminate unnecessary waste of water, time and money. Shipsan is heavily diluted and uniformly sprayed througout the Potable Water Tanks on board, the pipework will need re-circulating to ensure the pipework is done too. Its results take minutes instead of hours, so no wasted waiting time. No need to empty the tank after, remove any debris and good to go. Shipsan is more effective than hypochlorite and is not corrosive to the  tanks or systems.  Shipsan is Supplied in 25 litre drums.  Keep a stock on board (in most cases 2-4 drums is adequate) in case of an outbreak of legionella or in case of requirement to super-chlorinate by the Port Health Authority.  The product has a shelf live of 2 years in an unopened drum.  Finally, Shipsan is dosed @ Refill the tank to achieve 0.2ppm at the tap or 5ppm in the tank free chlorine.  Freshwater Superchlorination Leaflet

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