Legionnaires’ Disease on Merchant Ships – more prevalent that most people think

shipsan sterilant sprayInfection on merchant ships can be much more likely than many companies like to think. All forms of infection on board point to a breach in infection control and usually point to an area of lapse in house-keeping.  Infections on boardmost often will include mean Norovirus or Gastroenteritis, the common cold and not so often but in warm climates the damp sea atmosphere makes Legionnaires’ Disease a prime consideration.  Shipsan® Sterilant is ideal for use in water systems, for final stage sterilisation in all areas on the ship. Check out our products tab at the top of the page for specifics or call us today on 00 44 (0) 1684 290077 or email us.  Whether it is your water, accommodation areas, systems we are here Shipsan Infection Controlto help, our confidential fast and effective solutions have helped many commercial shipping lines, that’s what we do.

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