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tektrak Cloud allows you to manage your ships from the comfort of your own office. An innovative and superior application used to collect data it also acts as an informative and powerful management tool.

Designed for Fleet Managers tektrak Cloud allows access to all data required to comply with Potable water quality control regulations. It will monitor your Water Safety Plan, and also boiler monitoring and Engine cooling water monitoring from a single management system on a 24/7 basis.

Designed to give 100% compliance with your vessels Water Safety Plans by making extensive use of Internet development technologies, key information can be made available to authorised users from any PC with an internet access quickly and with a user friendly layout.

In addition to simplifying the management process, the tektrak Cloud ensures that data collected during monitoring and maintenance works is made available to the Chief Engineer and the Fleet Manager within hours of the work having been completed.

tektrak cloudBy taking a structured approach to recording the locations of each water system on a site, any customers using the tektrak Cloud system will have a very powerful tool for monitoring their water systems.
tektrak Cloud holds information relating to your vessels assets, remedial tasks, roles and reports. tektrak Cloud removes the need for using paper forms and automates a number of key processes:
• Creation of monitoring regime for preventing or controlling the risk of legionella
• Electronic management of the regime
• Electronic asset management & tracking
• Electronic record keeping, monitoring measuring and recording data
• Email notifications of failed tests, non-conformance or missed tasks
• Proactive management and maintaining excellent customer service levels
• Management reporting and dashboards
• In addition corrective actions can be implemented and recorded
Using this new and advanced technology engineers will collect data from an unlimited number of assets using tektrak Data Logging Procedures. The data is uploaded instantly to a web server where your results can be viewed immediately.

No. 1 Disinfection for Ships

Shipsan for Potable Water Maintenance

Non-conformances are sent to you via email, providing you with a real time picture of all your water health and safety issues from coliforms to Legionella. – allowing you to act swiftly before a problem arises.

Key Features & Benefits
The Key features and benefits of using the tektrak Cloud electronic logbook system are as follows:
• Allows intelligent management of time and resources
• Documents are instantly available
• Create a variety of reports to simply and quickly identify potential problem areas
• Improve communication between engineers and management
• Can be made unique to your requirements
• In addition you will also have a Legionella and marine safety advisor on hand at all times who can make recommendations and suggest corrective actions to keep your vessels moving and fully compliant.
Web Based:
The system is web based and can be accessed from any internet enabled computer. This makes it possible for authorised users to access their information when working from home or away from site. The web interface is instantly familiar to users and provides a comfortable environment for non-technical users. Where possible access to data is restricted to browse only which limits any possibility of data being modified inadvertently.

Easily Accessible:
The system is structured to ensure that the site gets access to the important information quickly. Although all information relating to inspection, maintenance and remedial works must be retained, it is the information that relates to failures, overdue tests and remedial actions, which is of most interest to anyone running the system. By focussing on failures and exceptions the system makes it easy for the ship to know where the problems are and can deal with them accordingly.
Improvement plans can be monitored and evidence for ship inspections be made easily available
tektrak secure Cloud Based Logbook
A key benefit of the system is that it has the facility to store all of the documents currently held within an onsite logbook folder. Using the tektrak Cloud system all of these vital documents can be accessed via the internet in a clean and structured folder system. This feature not only brings about the obvious benefits of added accessibility, ease and speed of use but it also provides important improvement in the security of your sites data. The tektrak Cloud site is a secure and certified website with an SSL certificate.

Alongside this all of the data is held securely in house by tektrak and backed up on a number of servers ensuring that none of your important data will be lost if anything where to happen to your records.
tektrak Cloud

Training help and resource
In addition web based resource and B2B technical advice is available to help the ship carry out testing effectively and also to help them understand why the measures being taken are required.

potable water postersWe can provide robust training posters at an additional cost of £29.99 per set of 5 posters which outline all the requirements for Water Testing, Hoses, Shower Head Cleaning, Test Procedures and Guidelines.