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Quarters Products

Products for Quarters/Cabins

Toilet Cleaner (suitable for the installed system on board) www.aquamarinechemicals.com

Cleaning schedule is necessary to demonstrate that the facility is clean, this can be incorporated into your overall SHIPSAN management cleaning schedule.

No vectors should be present i.e. insects or animals. Disinfection, disinsection, and deratting procedures should be in place, this should be a part of your Vector Management Plan which would be included in your SHIPSAN schedule.

Shipsan Disinfectant is suitable for disinfecting after areas are treated.

Ask about a full management plan


Shipsan Disinfectant

500ml Spray Bottle

BSEN 1279

BSEN 13697

Non-Tainting, ready to use, removes biofilm

For Galley, Medical Centres, Venitlation and Air Filters, Food Preparation, for use after de-ratting, disinsectjion etc.