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Managing Ship Drinking Water

According to the Guidelines as set out within MLC2006, a comprehensive monitoring, recording and logging system is required in all aspects of Ship Hygiene.  Other guidelines affecting ship hygiene (ILO, CDC, MCA, WHO etc)  are pulled together in the requirement for each vessel to have on board a valid Ship Sanitation Certificate.  Whilst most ships have some sort of system in place,  Shipsan offers a full management plan to keep everything in an easily accessible, cloud based system. Together with tangible visual aids for essential reminders for the crew, Shipsan makes improving standards a part of the daily routine and ensures much more easily that the required standards are met.

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Each element of the Ship Sanitation Certification process needs to be carefully and properly managed with all the important and critical documentation amassed and analysed. Shipsan® is designed to simplify this painstaking and time-consuming task and deliver an automated on-going service as long as you need it.

Fast, reliable and accurate!

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