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Galley Products including pantry stores and service areas

Galley Food Hygiene Poster – Rules and Information.

Fully informative and instructive comprehensive Galley Poster - All in one. Designed to be easily wiped down

These up-to-date ship compliance Posters and signs are designed as training aids & for quick reference and should be displayed in the galley.

This is a solutions for quick and easy compliance with standard food hygiene regulations and MLC2006. Covers all aspects of requirements for food hygiene.

BUY ONLINE AT http://tektrak.co.uk £18.00

Product Ref: GFHP001

Hygiene Cleaning Schedules

Hygiene Cleaning Schedules – Generic Generic HACCP Risk Assessment & Cleaning Schedule
Product Ref: GGHCS14

Shipsan Galley Spray Sterilant

BSEN 1276 | BSEN 13697 for Food & Water – No Alcohol, Kills all known pathogens including Norovirus, Salmonella, E.Coli, MRSA, etc. 99.9999% Effective, Fast, Safe - Recommended for ship galley and food areas including for final stage sterilant. It can also be used in specific areas where hygiene is of special importance such as accommodation, sick bays, hospital areas, saunas and showers. Supplied in 500ml fine spray bottles. (6 x 500ml per pack). Fast acting and economical in use.


6 x 500ml

Product Ref: Steri-500/6

Galley Hygiene Test Kit & Lab Services

Shipsan offers a hygiene test kit, simple to use and interpret.

The robust cased kit includes;

110v/240v Incubator
1 x UV Lamp & Goggles
100 x E-coli/Coliform Swabs
100 x Salmonella Swabs
100 x Staphylococcus Aureus Swabs
100 x Protein Swabs
Full Instructions and Log system

A hygiene test kit is not required specifically on Merchant vessels, it would be required in any commercial situation such as a ferry or a cruise vessel. It could be useful where ships carry large crew such as military or are heavily manned.

The test kit gives indicative results and for a complete service we also have a laboratory back-up service for 100% assurance when required. We test for Escherichia Coli / Coliforms, Salmonella spp, staphylococcus aureus and ATP. Please call for more information 01684 290077

Product Ref: Galley test kit 001

Record Keeping Logs – complete set for galley

Record keeping logs, computer based and manual pads – Generic Please enquire for more information
Product Ref: Galley Log Record Set (manual) x 1

Fridge & Freezer Thermometer

Hand Held Thermometer
Product Ref: Fridge Thermometer HH

Cooks Thermometer

Galley Hygiene Labels/Signs

Complete Set required for Galley, Hot and Cold Water, Hand Washing Only Sign, Food waste, Paper Waste, Bottles, Cans, etc. Food Prep Area signs, etc.
Product Ref: Galley Labels Set 001

Colour Coded Chopping Boards

Premium quality pressed, high molecular weight Polyethylene boards for high frequency usage. Complies with Industry recognised colour coding in line with Food Hygiene Training Certification.

(Rack available separately if required. Product Ref: GCBR)

Product Ref CCCBP

Galley Maintenance Products

Shipsan offers a range of food-safe products for personnel and food-safe surface products:

BSEN 1279 & BSEN 13697 Shipsan® Sterilant Spray 500ml: instant results, no waiting, final rinse sterilant for use on all surfaces, fridges, equipment etc.

Shipsan Skin Cleanser: Hand and Skin Cleanser, a natural ingredient product with bacteriacidal properties 500ml or 5 Ltr.