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Potable Water Signage – an aid to Ship Sanitation

Potable Water Signage Charts aid ships to comply with the regulations and requirements of MLC2006, 3.2 Food and Catering, ILO, MLC, MCA, Ship Sanitation Certification, CDC and W.H.O. (World Health Organisation.

 Clean water on boapotable water postersrd ensures good hygiene and high quality drinking water standards required by the marine industry both offshore and on board ship.

Clean water is achieved by implementing and adhering to strict procedures for making, bunkering, storing, testing and monitoring your water on board ship. The key things to know are listed in the charts.  In addition you will need a written Water Safety Plan and a Potable Water Test Kit.  Your procedures for dealing with all aspects of Water Safety need to be written and readily available for inspection, they need to be clear and precise for the crew to understand and use. These easy to understand instruction charts ensure a...