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Super-Chlorination Procedure on board?

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Every ship should have a super-chlorination procedure on board for routine Super-Chlorination & Emergency Super-Chlorination in case of infection or poor UNSATISFACTORY PHA or on-board Bacteria MBC results in Freshwater

Super-Chlorination Procedure For Merchant Ships 2017

Potable Water Super-Chlorination Procedure for merchant ships using Shipsan® or Sodium Hypochlorite To be carried out at 12 monthly intervals or more frequently as required- super chlorination of potable water storage tanks and pipework (including hydrophore tank). Whenever the potable water tanks and systems or any of their parts have been placed in service, repaired or replaced or have been contaminated, they must be cleaned and disinfected before returning to operation. Cold Potable water storage tanks should be opened, emptied, ventilated and inspected for condition and cleanliness. The tanks should then be recoated if necessary and cleaned/disinfected. The cleaning process will involve adding SHIPSAN or an equivalent disinfectant SUCH as Sodium Hypochlorite to 50ppm and...

Youtube Video – Cloud Client Drinking Water Management System

you tube video   tektrak Cloud allows you to manage your ships from the comfort of your own office. An innovative and superior application used to collect data it also acts as an informative and powerful management tool. Designed for Fleet Managers tektrak Cloud allows access to all data required to comply with Potable water quality control regulations. It will monitor your Water Safety Plan, and also boiler monitoring and Engine cooling water monitoring from a single management system on a 24/7 basis. Designed to give 100% compliance with your vessels Water Safety Plans by making extensive use of Internet development technologies, key information can be made available to authorised users from any PC with an internet access quickly and with a user friendly layout. In addition to simplifying the management process, the tektrak Cloud ensures that data collected during monitoring and maintenance works is made available to the...

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