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Galley, pantry stores and service areas

Galley, Pantry & Service Areas – 28 things to do

1. Food handlers or galley crew with gastrointestinal illness must not perform food related work until symptom free for 48 hours. Medical logs should be available to demonstrate this.
2. Cleaning programmes with schedules are required.
3. These should be supported by informative material like signage for the crew.
4. Temperature logs for received goods, freezers, cold storage and holding temperatures must be available.
5. Calibration records for thermometers must be available.
6. A waste management plan must be in place.
7. An adequately equipped hand-washing station must be available in the galley with signage showing hand washing technique and frequency.
8. Procedures for the use of a sink for food preparation must be in place.
9. Food contact sufaces must be durable, corrosion restant and non-absorbent.
10. Lids and covers on waste containers must be present and kept closed.
11. Sinks used in the galley, pantry and food stores should be supplied from the potable water system.
12. Facilities for ice and potable water storage must be hygienic.
13. Sink drain must not be directly connected to the wastewater system, i.e. an airbreak.
14. Adequate ventilation and lighting is required.
15. Dedicated toilet facilities for food-handling crew is required.
16. Diningroom stations must be constructed of hard, durable non-absorbent surfaces.
17. Food contact surfaces must be smoothly finished, in good repair and easily cleaned.
18. Hands must be washed between different tasks.
19. Separate utensils and cutting boards must be used for the preparation of raw and ready-to-eat foods.
20. Clean and disinfect - the cross contamination area , tableware and utensils before food preparation.
21. Food in freezers must not be spoiled, refrozen or partially thawed.
22. Perishable food must be stored at the correct temperature for the type of food.
23. Food handlers or galley crew must not have exposed cuts or wounds.
24. Expired food must not be used.
25. Good personal hygiene is required. For example hands must be cleaned at the start of food handling duties, immediately after using the toilet, between handling raw food and ready-to-eat food, no smoking, spiting, chewing sneezing or coughing near food preparation and serving areas.
26. No accumulated soil or grease should be present on previously cleaned food contact surfaces.
Utensils and areas must be sanitised adequately before use.
27. No openings should be present between decks and bulkheads.
28. There should be no evidence of vector infestation.

What you need to comply in these areas

Shipsan Galley Spray Sterilant

BSEN 1276 | BSEN 13697 for Food & Water – No Alcohol, Kills all known pathogens including Norovirus, Salmonella, E.Coli, MRSA, etc. 99.9999% Effective, Fast, Safe - Recommended for ship galley and food areas. If can also be used in specific areas where hygiene is of special importance such as accommodation, sick bays, hospital areas, saunas and showers. Supplied in 500ml fine spray bottles. (6 x 500ml per pack). Fast acting and economical in use.

Galley Hygiene Signage & Visual Training Aids

These up-to-date ship compliance Posters and signs are designed as training aids & for quick reference. They should be displayed in the galley. This is a solutions for quick and easy compliance with standard food hygiene regulations and MLC2006. Covers all aspects of requirements for food hygiene.

Galley Hygiene test Kits and laboratory services

Shipsan offers a hygiene test kit, simple to use and interpret. A hygiene test kit is not required specifically on Merchant vessels, it would be required in any commercial situation such as a ferry, a cruise vessel. It could be useful where ships carry large crew such as military or are heavily manned. The test kit gives indicative results and for a complete service we also have a laboratory back-up service for 100% assurance when required. We test for Escherichia Coli / Coliforms, Salmonella spp, staphylococcus aureus and ATP.

Galley Cleaning Schedules & HACCP Risk Assessments

Preventing food and vector-borne international disease is the key to a safe Galley. Our generic or tailored galley cleaning schedules are available to order, they comply with all the current regulations and requirements for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control)under the requirements for the MLC (2006) and for UK vessels the MCA MGN 397

Thermometers and Coloured Chopping Boards

Reliable thermometers are very important on board ship and can be a pitfall in your hygiene plan if they are not working properly. We supply thermometers for fridge and freezers, meat and food temperature control. Packs of the appropriate coloured Chopping Boards are also available.

Galley Hygiene compliance Pack:
Our Galley compliance pack contains the following:
1) Galley wall hygiene chart
2) Generic HACCP Risk Assessment & Cleaning Schedule

See our Products section for enquiries or to place an order today call 01684 290077 or email sales@bayer-wood.co.uk