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Shipsan takes the lead in Ship Hygiene

  • Super-Chlorination Procedure on board?
      Every ship should have a super-chlorination procedure on board for routine Super-Chlorination & Emergency Super-Chlorination in case of infection or poor UNSATISFACTORY PHA or on-board Bacteria MBC results in...

Our Vision

February, 2014

Shipsan® is designed with the ship management at the fore.  To enable the shipping company and vessel to fast-track the legislation and regulations in a competent and efficient way, minimising wasted time and effort.  Shipsan® products and services are continually updated to make sure you comply and can achieve your SSC (Ship Sanitation Certificate) and maintain the best in ship standards.


Our Team

  • Laboratory Support
    Shipsan offers full laboratory support for food hygiene issues.  Our experience which spans 22 years experience in the food hygiene industry understands the key importance of good house-keeping, training, record keeping and maintaining standards....
  • Support
    We are able to offer full support when our customers need it.   Our systems are fully supported and our Cloud based systems are Secure and backed – up. For Support and assistance please call...
  • Products and Service
    We provide all the products and support you need to comply with existing marine regulations wherever you may be globally. Our range of generic products eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive consultants and unnecessary...

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