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Potable Water Products

Shipsan® Chemical Disinfectants, Sterilants for Water Hygiene & Safety against infection SPRAY SUPERCHLORINATION PRODUCT INFO

Shipsan Sterilant for spray super-chlorination 25 Litres or 4 x 5 Litres, galley & hard surface spray sterilant (galley, accommodation, showerheads, water systems, water hose couplings & hoses)
Using fine mist spray coverage average will be 15 sq metres/litre diluted product.

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Water Safety Plan

Your Water Safety Plan forms a part of your ISM and determines the requirements for Managing the water systems on YOUR ship, Superyacht or boat. Don't buy expensive test kits you don't need! We will tell you what you need to test for and when.

* Every commercial ship is REQUIRED to have a Water Safety Plan under M.L.C. 2006 as well as on-board testing.

* Shipsan Water Safety plan is quick and easy to implement, it will identify your systems on board and identify what testing is required, where it is required and the frequency.

* Start the short journey... go to our WSP online plan for an individual vessel on the Info & WSP Page or contact us and we will email you a spreadsheet to upload all the data for your fleet to save time.

* Cloud Management - additional services. So once you've got the Water Safety Plan what do you do with it? How do you manage, oversee and audit it, See below for our Client Water Management System.

* Many companies are selling expensive large kits with unnecessary tests. Your WSP determines what YOU NEED in your test kit dependent on your trading pattern and what your fresh water systems are on board.
We can save you time, resource and unnecessary cost.

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Potable Water Test Kits

MLC 2006 (applicable from August 2013) easiest Compliant Marine Potable Water Testing Kit Available. Buy online at http://tektrak.co.uk or call us to ask us what exactly you need!

Why ours?
1. We supply all information, training DVD, test instructions on USB, log sheets and a further management system if required.
2. Easy and full compliance with WHO guidelines & MLC 2006 Aug 2013 for all systems; bunkering, network, super-chlorination, outlets, storage tanks.
3. sufficient tests for all identified risk points for one (or 2 year option) as preferred.
4. Easy to use instructions,
5. Accurate testing, Water Safety Plan option,
6. Cost effective and no hidden costs!
7. Contains all equipment and reagents, with replacement options.
8. Technical helpline mon-fri 9-5pm, can help with non-compliance issues from inspections
9. Electronic log sheets
10. Water Quality Test Record Keeping: Electronic or hard copy log sheets for compete record keeping

A) Comprehensive test kits available and also
B) Free-Chlorine High and Low range to suit Potable Water & Super-chlorination testing + pH and
C) Kits made to your specification

What do I need in my test kit for my ship?

order online now at www.tektrak.co.uk or call 01684 290077 for information on exactly what you need in your test kit. Many companies are over-selling unnecessarily large test kits, that means wasting time, money and resource! Your kit is determined by your Water Safety Plan, not got one, call us today its only £165.00, no ship visit, no fuss!


Tektrak Cloud Client Management System

Cloud based simplified Management system for Potable Water, monitoring, logging, testing, review and Audits. The partnership approach to Marine Ship Drinking Water Management. You provide the results, schematic(s) & do the hands-on management. We do the rest, keeping records in place, managing results, making recommendations and keeping up to date with legislation with help and advice

* EC Directive 2009/13/EC & Merchant Shipping (Provisions and Water) Regulations 1989 (S.I.1989/102).
* ILO International Labour Organization
* MLC2006
* Reg A3.2 — Food and catering
* WHO 2011 3rd Addition Guide to ship sanitation
* IHR 2005 International Health Regulations

whatever your ship or your requirements we can tailor a Management Package for your ship or your fleet.

Our customers often need additional help because of time constraints of what can be a time consuming system to put in place and manage.

If you have had an infection or outbreak on board we can help you, swiftly, confidently, effectively and confidentially.

A Partner you can trust, 25 years in the industry with proven track record and experience with control and prevention of Legionella and Legionnaires' disease, infections and food hygiene.

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Potable Water Reference Charts /Training Posters

Our set of Reference charts/training Posters for Potable Water Management serve as a training guide and as an ongoing reference for crew on Potable Water Management. There are 5 informative wipeable charts designed to be located at the point of use for testing procedures, correct equipment storage etc. Easy and full compliance with WHO guidelines & MLC 2006 Aug 2013

visit www.aquamarinedirect.co.uk to purchase on-line £60.00 PER SET OF 5

OR Call us to place an order now on 01684 290077


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